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Help For Porn Addicts – Are You Conscious That You Have A Porn Addiction?

Is sexual fulfillment your main aim when you buy or view porn? If yes, then the effects of your sexual gratification through porn would create problems in your marriage. Consider porn infidelity. Couples get hitched for a reason, they commit to love each other in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad, if anything they don’t look for an easy solution to their problems and porn is one. Your spouse has the right to provide you with whatever you need and if you go beyond, you soil your relationship knowingly. Love and trust are the blessing of a married life and so is sexual intimacy. Porn is inviting a third person to share your private space. Love and trust can develop in other relationships as well by sexual relationships are only formed with your lawful spouse. It’s a special bond that you must reserve for a special someone you marry and when you do, don’t share that gift with anyone or you’ll have your spouse feeling rejected and betrayed.

Pornography is a nuisance and a waste of time. It not only fiddles with your mind but also your ties with your partner, it is like infidelity in a marriage. Whether it is a magazine, internet porn, or something available at a club; do not delude yourself into thinking that it is harmless fun. Even the excuse that everyone does it doesn’t make the activity acceptable. If you partner is barely able to meet your needs, deal with your problems by trying to find solutions together. Porn would only create rents in your relationship that would be hard to mend later.

The porn and sex entertainment is a $60 million a year industry; needless to say that they are not going to let up any time soon. They want you to be addicted to porn as much as you possibly can and they don’t want you to find out two very important things.

1- They don’t want you to even be aware that you are addicted to porn.

2- They don’t want you to find help with your porn addiction.

So, first and foremost, how can you find out if you are addicted to porn? Here are a few clues that should help you with the answer.

* You are doing your best to stay up late when everyone is asleep to watch pornography on your computer.

* You are happy to find yourself at home alone so you can watch porn without the fear of being disturbed and caught in the act.

* You are trying to find ways to erase the history of your computer for fear that your spouse or partner might find out.

* You have feelings of shame after you’ve been watching porn and it led you to masturbate.

* You have tried to stop, but, have not been successful.

* You even have suicidal thoughts.

If you have ever felt any of such feeling or dealt with any of such actions, you can be sure that you are addicted to porn and are in need of help.

Even though some people out there are still denying that porn addiction even exists, many ex-addicts would tell you that a porn addict has more of a hard time to get rid of his addiction than some addiction to drugs. pornosss

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